A White Label, Carrier Grade Voice Hubbing Solution

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Meet the Solution

Quick Onboarding

Rate Management

Custom Rates

Real Time Reporting

Self Managed Portal

Untapped Revenue

Reduce acquisition cost by onboarding customers quickly & easily

It all starts with the HubDesk portal, where users can Register for your service, Connect their voice gateway, Select a suitable call plan, make some Test calls and Start using the service - all done on the HubDesk portal.

Rate Management

HubDesk enables you to manage your hubbing rates automatically. It will automatically adjust rates for the various calls plans that you have, depending on your cost. It will also automatically notify customers about the rate changes.

If your cost increases, the platform will update the sell price and notify your customers, same goes when your cost reduces.

You can also manage the frequency of when rate updates take places, either daily, weekly or monthly.

Support for Multiple Call Plans

Graded Call Plans

Provide your users with a selection of call plans that is graded by call quality. Users can select a default call plan, yet still use other call plans on the fly.

Custom Call Plans

HubDesk also supports custom call rates that you may need to offer specific customers from time to time. Just upload a new call plan and assign it to a customer and they will see the new call plans on their portal. Simple as that!

Are you a business looking for a Hubdesk?

Powerful Reporting Tools in Real Time

HubDesk comes with some powerful reporting tools to provide you and your customers with the information you need in real time.

Call Detail Records

All calls are captured and displayed on HubDesk in real time. Quickly drill down to a specific call record with powerful filters.

Summary Report

The summary report provides an excellent snapshot view of how traffic is performing for a set period of time, and provides information like Average Seizure Ratio's (ASR) and Average Call Durations (ACD).

Active Calls

HubDesk's Active Call report shows you and your customers, in real time, what calls are taking place at that very moment.

A Self Managed Platform

HubDesk was designed with you, the carrier in mind - to provide a simple and effective way for you to sign on and manage your voice rubbing customers in the simplest way, and at the same time, providing them with a full suite of self managing tools. Enable your customers to self manage:

Account details

Create sub users for the portal

View in real time like the Active Calls report

Manage their interconnect with you

View their available rates

View their current balance

Enable low balance threshold alerts

Make and manage payments